Thankful Thursday: Soft Kitty Feeder Edition

Welcome everyone to another Thankful Thursday.  

I’m trying to adjust to life with a diabetic kitty, but the first few weeks have be fraught with craziness.

 I have been dealing with issues related to “Super Suga’ Bear’s” care, like figuring out the least stressful way to give him his insulin injection (NOTE: trying to hold him still does not work, I’ve had a few wrestling matches this week – not Greco-Roman style either, we’re talking WWE and kitty always wins), worrying if he is getting too much or too little food, and figuring out how to accommodate his many small meals a day schedule when Skid’s not home to look after him.

On top of that we’ve been dealing with a pest problem at the house, which has required ever-vigilant nightly cleaning to prevent further infestation until the exterminators could do their thing.  (Which, thankfully, occurred this week.)

Add that to the daily ins and outs of working and family life, and we’ve got ourselves a ho-down! (Not.)

Things seems to be getting back to what I’ll call “normal,” so with a deep cleansing breath  thus begins this week’s  list of things for which I am thankful.

Kitty’s on the Mend

The treatment of our little pest problem required that I board kitty at the vet’s for the day.  While he was there, they performed a quick check-up of his symptoms.   They reported that his blood glucose is down and he’s gained 8/10 of a pound.  This is encouraging news.  The vet suspects that his glucose count was probably even a little falsely elevated as well, because he was a little stressed at being handled by strangers.  So we’re hoping next visit, he’ll be a little more calm with his human around, which will get us a more accurate reading.

He’s been particularly cuddly the past few nights too.  I can feel more heft to him when he’s laying across my lap.  Before, he was so skinny, you could feel his bones.  Yay!  My soft, cuddly kitty is making a comeback.

Automatic Feeders (Best Invention Ever!)

Given that the vet has put “Sergeant Fuzzy Boots” on a specific kind of insulin that is long-acting, which gives him a better chance of going into remission, but it also increases his chances for a cause a hypoglycemic crisis.   This means, he needs to be fed several small meals a day.  Not necessarily easy for two working adults, and Skid is only at our house alternating weeks during the Summer, so I needed a solution.  I purchased an automatic feeder for wet food (since his fuzziness is on the “Catkins” diet) contains a round sectioned dish with five compartments.   The dish rotates to reveal the services at a pre-programmed time.   After a false start with a defective unit, we seem to have a viable solution.  So today I’m grateful for that technology.

Thankful Thursday: Grumbling, but Grateful Edition

I won’t lie. This week has been stressful, so getting into a thankful frame of mind is a bit of the stretch at the moment. First I’ll run down the stressors, and move on to the Thankfulness.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been subjected to three pregnancy announcements: one friend and two virtual acquaintances. While I’m happy for all (everyone has struggled to get where they are), it makes me sad, which surprises me. I actually thought I had gotten to the point where I was feeling stronger about these things, but those feelings of longing came rushing back into my heart, the anger at the unfairness of it all, the cursing of the circumstances that brought me to this point, an d lots of why me’s and wanting to be one of the “lucky ones.”

This is the state of my life now. Where such news used to have me dreaming about the possibilities of “someday,” now leaves me chilled with memories of loss. I find myself repeatedly asking, “What will make this situation better?” Lately, I’ve not liked the answers, so I’ll take some time and ask the Magic 8 Ball later.
I’m sure it doesn’t help that my cat’s illness brought additional stress. The glucose numbers are lowering at a snail’s pace and his weight is not improving, so we’re onto the medication stage: one injection, twice a day. This is going to be fun, and expensive. No more cat toys for him. Mommy needs to spend it on life-saving insulin. It’s a bitch to be a grown up, isn’t it kitty?

O.K. Let us dispense with gloom and doom and accentuate the positive as forced as it may be.

  • I am grateful that my job allows me the flexibility to accommodate the number of vet visits I’ve had make this week
  • I am grateful that I have boss that welcomes input and is willing to discuss alternating viewpoints when they are valid
  • I am grateful for the recent visit from Skid’s former step-sibling, as these visits always result very special family time
  • I am grateful for my mom and my best friend (who are both thousands of miles away from me right now) who are always willing to lend an ear and a virtual hug
  • I am grateful that this week is almost over and hoping the weekend brings some time to unwind and get some long overdue writing accomplished

Love and blessings!  I’ll be in a better mood next week.  I promise!

If my rantings have brought you down and you want to read some really smart, witty commentary, check out one of my favorite new blogs here:

Thankful Thursday: Treats and Purrs Edition

One more week and still no additional blog posts. I’m working on it. I swear!

As I’ve stated before, I am working through some family issues and really just taking time to gain some clarity on things and really figure out where I should be involved and where I should step back: an ongoing Stepmom dilemma. In the meantime, the best thing for me is to focus on gratitude. So Thankful Thursdays are the best thing I can do right now.

This week has seen illness in my home. First it was me. Sunday, I woke up feeling terrible. Headache, fatigue, and for lack of a better, softer term I got “sick”… it was some kind of bug. Ugh.

Hubs had to work that day, and when he called in to check on me I told him how I was feeling, but for some reason held back a request for something I’d been craving that I thought might soothe my upset stomach. But lo and behold, when he came home he had the desired object in his hands. I love it when he reads my mind like that!

There is a church in my neighborhood that is on my running route that always posts interesting sayings on their sign. This week’s saying is from Albert Einstein, “Coincidence is God’s Way of remaining anonymous.” I couldn’t be more thankful for this coincidence. Thank you God for looking out for me!

The other sick one in the house is my cat. I found out recently that my little “Monseñor Fuzzybutt” has diabetes. Upon weighing him, the vet found out he was 8 pounds! He is a long-haired cat, so the weight loss was apparent, but did not appear to be that drastic. I felt like such a bad kitty mommy. (Thankfully the vet did not pass judgment on me and focused on him. Bless her.)

We are intervening with dietary changes and close monitoring, so we can hopefully avoid the need for medications. He appears to be responding well, so I am, of course, thankful for that; but I also realized just how thankful I am for my cat.

I’ve never judged anyone who calls their pets “furr babies,” but I also walked the fine line between cooing at him, projecting human qualities onto him, and giving him 101 cute nicknames and knowing that he is a cat and not a person. While this experience has not changed my view, it has underscored just how important the little guy is to me.

I’m completely focused on getting him to a manageable state. Given the recent rockiness in our family’s path, I’m not sure what I would do if he was no longer with us. I don’t think I could take it. He really can help to soothe my soul when it is troubled. When I’m going through a period where I’m the invisible women to Skid or Hubs is being particularly prickly when working on project around the house, he’s there. He gives me affection. He cuddles with me when I’m sick or unwinding at the end of the long day. He offers acceptance. He’s usually glad to see me. I know I can tell him my deepest, darkest secrets and he won’t tell a soul. He demands very little in return. He’s a special member of the family and I am thankful for him.

Thankful Thursday: Late in the Day Edition

I’m posting Thankful Thursday a bit later than I normally would.  Life is a little crazy right now, but I’m working to get myself back up and writing again.

They say, “When it rains, it pours.”  And this year has been progressive: a shower to a full-on storm.  The eye of it held something so joyous and dear, and then we got hit with something just as destructive and powerful.  Oddly enough the thing I am grateful for today is a recent bout of burnout. Why?  It was a pre-cursor to a moment of clarity that pointed me to a very important truth, something that would have had me spinning my wheels had I not realized it. Stress is our body’s way to telling us we need to stop and examine what’s going on in our lives.  Like a “check engine” light for our minds and souls.

I am also thankful for the brief moments of joy that I’ve been blessed with throughout these trials. I can hold on to the memory of them to sustain me and remind me that better times will be ahead.

Love and blessings!

My First Press Mention… Is This a Good Thing?

Hello!  I’m back.  Did you all miss me? 

I hope to be scribing away again soon. We’ve had some family drama that has taken precedence, but believe me it’s fueling my thoughts and you’ll see some action here soon.  I can’t go into specifics as usual, but that doesn’t mean I can’t reflect on it.

In the meantime, I ran across the first press mention of my blog ever. However, I’m not quite sure if it’s good or bad.  It’s just a short article on the “other” names for step mothers, because “step mom” is a charged title: here it is if you care to look

I feel rather ambivalent at being called a step mom blogger.  I don’t really think of myself that way.  Ah… titles how we do get bogged up in them.

Anyway, just a quick check-in.   More meaty things coming soon!

Love and blessings to all!