Thankful Thursday: Treats and Purrs Edition

One more week and still no additional blog posts. I’m working on it. I swear!

As I’ve stated before, I am working through some family issues and really just taking time to gain some clarity on things and really figure out where I should be involved and where I should step back: an ongoing Stepmom dilemma. In the meantime, the best thing for me is to focus on gratitude. So Thankful Thursdays are the best thing I can do right now.

This week has seen illness in my home. First it was me. Sunday, I woke up feeling terrible. Headache, fatigue, and for lack of a better, softer term I got “sick”… it was some kind of bug. Ugh.

Hubs had to work that day, and when he called in to check on me I told him how I was feeling, but for some reason held back a request for something I’d been craving that I thought might soothe my upset stomach. But lo and behold, when he came home he had the desired object in his hands. I love it when he reads my mind like that!

There is a church in my neighborhood that is on my running route that always posts interesting sayings on their sign. This week’s saying is from Albert Einstein, “Coincidence is God’s Way of remaining anonymous.” I couldn’t be more thankful for this coincidence. Thank you God for looking out for me!

The other sick one in the house is my cat. I found out recently that my little “Monseñor Fuzzybutt” has diabetes. Upon weighing him, the vet found out he was 8 pounds! He is a long-haired cat, so the weight loss was apparent, but did not appear to be that drastic. I felt like such a bad kitty mommy. (Thankfully the vet did not pass judgment on me and focused on him. Bless her.)

We are intervening with dietary changes and close monitoring, so we can hopefully avoid the need for medications. He appears to be responding well, so I am, of course, thankful for that; but I also realized just how thankful I am for my cat.

I’ve never judged anyone who calls their pets “furr babies,” but I also walked the fine line between cooing at him, projecting human qualities onto him, and giving him 101 cute nicknames and knowing that he is a cat and not a person. While this experience has not changed my view, it has underscored just how important the little guy is to me.

I’m completely focused on getting him to a manageable state. Given the recent rockiness in our family’s path, I’m not sure what I would do if he was no longer with us. I don’t think I could take it. He really can help to soothe my soul when it is troubled. When I’m going through a period where I’m the invisible women to Skid or Hubs is being particularly prickly when working on project around the house, he’s there. He gives me affection. He cuddles with me when I’m sick or unwinding at the end of the long day. He offers acceptance. He’s usually glad to see me. I know I can tell him my deepest, darkest secrets and he won’t tell a soul. He demands very little in return. He’s a special member of the family and I am thankful for him.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wolfers
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 16:52:49

    I know what you mean about fur babies… I have two dogs (pekingese rescues)..and especially with me being single, and with family living in other states, and all close friends being away and busy, I suspect it’s the dogs that help prevent me from feeling abandoned by the world, or worse, insane. They don’t have nicknames, although sometimes I do call Lola “Diva” since she goes drastic (dragging her bowl to her bed and howling as if starving- never mind she had ALREADY emptied the bowl a few minutes before!)
    I am also thankful that it’s Thursday, one day before I can be off tomorrow afternoon.
    At first I thought I’m thankful that my birthday is today, but then I realized, I had planned last year that I’d have a baby born around my birthday, and we know how that went…na nada, nothing, zip, zero, with bye-bye to my uterus. So… I’m not thankful then.

    So, I’m going to spend much of my love with my fur babies, starting with giving ’em baths. They won’t be happy, but they’ll have treats as I munch on a red velvet cupcake.

    You take care of your cat, okay? I’m thankful that he’s there for you too.


  2. Mali
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 00:35:37

    That just made me miss my two cats. I had them for 17 years, right through the difficult years. And I was thankful for them, and glad that when they went (two years ago now) it was peaceful. But your last paragraph almost made me cry!


    • Quasi-Momma
      Jun 15, 2012 @ 12:03:36

      Oh Mali… I didn’t mean to make you sad. Having pets takes bravery because their lifespan is so much shorter than ours. It’s unique in that it is one of the few relationships in life where we acknowledge upfront that our time together will be limited, but we choose to love anyway. I’m glad you had your cats through the tough times.


      • Mali
        Jun 15, 2012 @ 23:18:32

        Oh no, don’t apologise. (I realise re-reading my comment now that it didn’t come across the way it was intended!) It’s quite nice to remember my cats in that way (as we’re now very used to not having cats) and to feel pleased for you that you have yours.

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