Thankful Thursday: Grumbling, but Grateful Edition

I won’t lie. This week has been stressful, so getting into a thankful frame of mind is a bit of the stretch at the moment. First I’ll run down the stressors, and move on to the Thankfulness.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been subjected to three pregnancy announcements: one friend and two virtual acquaintances. While I’m happy for all (everyone has struggled to get where they are), it makes me sad, which surprises me. I actually thought I had gotten to the point where I was feeling stronger about these things, but those feelings of longing came rushing back into my heart, the anger at the unfairness of it all, the cursing of the circumstances that brought me to this point, an d lots of why me’s and wanting to be one of the “lucky ones.”

This is the state of my life now. Where such news used to have me dreaming about the possibilities of “someday,” now leaves me chilled with memories of loss. I find myself repeatedly asking, “What will make this situation better?” Lately, I’ve not liked the answers, so I’ll take some time and ask the Magic 8 Ball later.
I’m sure it doesn’t help that my cat’s illness brought additional stress. The glucose numbers are lowering at a snail’s pace and his weight is not improving, so we’re onto the medication stage: one injection, twice a day. This is going to be fun, and expensive. No more cat toys for him. Mommy needs to spend it on life-saving insulin. It’s a bitch to be a grown up, isn’t it kitty?

O.K. Let us dispense with gloom and doom and accentuate the positive as forced as it may be.

  • I am grateful that my job allows me the flexibility to accommodate the number of vet visits I’ve had make this week
  • I am grateful that I have boss that welcomes input and is willing to discuss alternating viewpoints when they are valid
  • I am grateful for the recent visit from Skid’s former step-sibling, as these visits always result very special family time
  • I am grateful for my mom and my best friend (who are both thousands of miles away from me right now) who are always willing to lend an ear and a virtual hug
  • I am grateful that this week is almost over and hoping the weekend brings some time to unwind and get some long overdue writing accomplished

Love and blessings!  I’ll be in a better mood next week.  I promise!

If my rantings have brought you down and you want to read some really smart, witty commentary, check out one of my favorite new blogs here:


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  1. thevarnells
    Jun 25, 2012 @ 01:46:36

    Thank you so much for your blog. It’s as if your reading my mind.


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