Thankful Thursday: Soft Kitty Feeder Edition

Welcome everyone to another Thankful Thursday.  

I’m trying to adjust to life with a diabetic kitty, but the first few weeks have be fraught with craziness.

 I have been dealing with issues related to “Super Suga’ Bear’s” care, like figuring out the least stressful way to give him his insulin injection (NOTE: trying to hold him still does not work, I’ve had a few wrestling matches this week – not Greco-Roman style either, we’re talking WWE and kitty always wins), worrying if he is getting too much or too little food, and figuring out how to accommodate his many small meals a day schedule when Skid’s not home to look after him.

On top of that we’ve been dealing with a pest problem at the house, which has required ever-vigilant nightly cleaning to prevent further infestation until the exterminators could do their thing.  (Which, thankfully, occurred this week.)

Add that to the daily ins and outs of working and family life, and we’ve got ourselves a ho-down! (Not.)

Things seems to be getting back to what I’ll call “normal,” so with a deep cleansing breath  thus begins this week’s  list of things for which I am thankful.

Kitty’s on the Mend

The treatment of our little pest problem required that I board kitty at the vet’s for the day.  While he was there, they performed a quick check-up of his symptoms.   They reported that his blood glucose is down and he’s gained 8/10 of a pound.  This is encouraging news.  The vet suspects that his glucose count was probably even a little falsely elevated as well, because he was a little stressed at being handled by strangers.  So we’re hoping next visit, he’ll be a little more calm with his human around, which will get us a more accurate reading.

He’s been particularly cuddly the past few nights too.  I can feel more heft to him when he’s laying across my lap.  Before, he was so skinny, you could feel his bones.  Yay!  My soft, cuddly kitty is making a comeback.

Automatic Feeders (Best Invention Ever!)

Given that the vet has put “Sergeant Fuzzy Boots” on a specific kind of insulin that is long-acting, which gives him a better chance of going into remission, but it also increases his chances for a cause a hypoglycemic crisis.   This means, he needs to be fed several small meals a day.  Not necessarily easy for two working adults, and Skid is only at our house alternating weeks during the Summer, so I needed a solution.  I purchased an automatic feeder for wet food (since his fuzziness is on the “Catkins” diet) contains a round sectioned dish with five compartments.   The dish rotates to reveal the services at a pre-programmed time.   After a false start with a defective unit, we seem to have a viable solution.  So today I’m grateful for that technology.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. 1nonmom
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 19:57:54

    If you love the automatic feeder, you’ll love what I found. It’s called Pavlov’s Cat. Kitty scratches the post and kibble comes out! Can you say awesome?!?! I highly recommend it. When kitty has the munchies, kitty can munch… and, btw, not wake you up! I hope you’re having a joyful day!!!


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