Thankful Thursday: So Totally Not About the Cat Edition

Hello!  Just  a quick “drive by” for Thankful Thursday.  This one will not be about the cat, but thanks to all of you who have shown your concern.  He’s doing much, much better!

Today I am thankful for my best friend.  Although we far away from each other (she lives in God’s Waiting Room West and I live in God’s Waiting Room East), we manage to stay close.  We’ve been friends since I was in the second grade. 

I’m no sure how we figured this out, but one day we realized that we had a previous connection before we actually met.  Her family rented a house from one of my dad’s friends.  My dad, who is an electrician, was asked to perform some work in the house while her family was out for the day.  For some reason, I went with him that day and ended up playing with her toys (I remember that she had a really cool Barbie townhouse).  We both think that it’s pretty amazing that before I even met her, she shared her toys with me!  It’s like we were destined to be friends.  We’ve shared a lot of things since!

Last year we were luckly enough to have two girls weekends together after a four-year dry spell of not seeing each other, and we vowed to make a yearly thing.  So we’re busy trying to make this year’s weekend happen.

I’m very thankful that she and I have the kind of relationship that can pick up right were we left off and we never feel as if we missed a day with each other.

Love and blessings.   More posts to come soon!Image


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mali
    Jul 13, 2012 @ 01:57:39

    Lovely. I’m glad you have someonoe in the world like that.


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