Thankful Thursday: Four Years and Four Days

I realize that it has been awhile since I regularly posted here.  August was a weird, emotionally “bouncy” month.  I’ve had to take time to process how I’ve been feeling as well as distract my mind with other topics.

Today’s Thankful Thursday is in remembrance of an important day, and anticipation of a much needed respite.


Four Years –

11 years ago today, I married K.  I only was granted four years of marriage to him, but they were four great years.  We both had good jobs and a quaint little home in an 40’s bungalow.  We enjoyed travelling together, and enjoyed exploring wineries and breweries and were just as comfortable dining at dives as well as fine restaurants.  We ate dinner every night in our dining room with the television on in the other room, so we could answer the questions on “Jeopardy!” while we discussed our days.   K was hesitant to have children because of his limited physical abilities and heart condition, but we were still open to adoption if we ever had the resources.  But overall, we were pretty content.

I’ll admit that there are days I long to go back to that time.   Those days were not always perfect, but they were happy ones, even at the end when trips to the ER became an almost bi-weekly event.  I am extremely grateful that had those years with K, and today is special reminder of those years.

Four Days –

The girls are coming!  Yes.  We’ve made it happen – the second annual girls weekend is next week!  The three crazy broads are back!  Last time we got together, I laughed harder than I had in long time.   I really need this weekend to shake off the pressure that has been placed on me by others expectations of me recently. These girls are scattered across the map, so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like.  So I’m taking advantage of my time with them. Every woman needs time like this with her girls.




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  1. Mali
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 01:28:50

    I’m glad you can remember the good times, and not concentrate on the bad. I think that’s the lesson I’ve learnt best through infertility too.

    And have fun with the girls!


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